A Woolly Worm:
All American Good Boy that becomes a Super Hero. Wooly’s source of Super Power will be Orange Juice.

 Luna's Baby Picture

Slick Sly Moth



A Lunar Moth: Impulsive, but good hearted. Ugly duckling complex. Wishes and Santa give Luna three special gifts to help Wooly.



as Santa Claus


Sneeky s'Squioto

Slick’s Side Kick


as Santa’s Helper

The Wooly Worm series is written as traditional NO SMUT children’s stories with updated twists and dialogue. The first story is, Wooly and Luna, “The Beginning” a Story about Friendship.
The Wooly & Luna Story follows a year round theme incorporating the changes, choices and adventures two friends make when they find themselves far from home.

This story-play is easy to read and fun to act out. It is written as a seven chapter play. We begin in the Spring when Wooly and Luna are four years old, the story grows with action, tears and humor. Wooly and Luna are teenagers by Christmas, which gives us the happy ending, but the story leaves the reader with the thought provoking cliffhanger of Slick’s (the villain) return.

Attached is an important "Teacher’s Guide of Activities” and a 12 question “Citizenship Review” that will prompt interaction with the readers.

Ready for market are 133 line drawings designed as a “Color A Story Coloring Book” that follows the action of the “Friendship Beginning Story.”

Completed new scripts: Wooly & Luna Save The Orange Groves, and Wooly & Luna Save Easter. In both stories, new and colorful characters will be introduced to challenge the friendship of Wooly and Luna.    

Lunar Moth:
Most beautiful moth of North America; Silk worm family: Swan tailed color green w/ yellow or pink margins. Lunar Moths can be found from Canada to the tip of Florida. Lunar Moths are active at night. During the daylight hour they are hard to find as they are sleeping under leaves.

Woolly Worm:
American Indians taught early settlers to read the “bands” of color on the Woolly Worm caterpillar to predict the coming winter weather. This tradition is still practiced during the beautiful fall colors of October in
BANNER ELK, NORTH CAROLINA where there is a yearly Woolly Worm Festival. If you haven’t been there, you are missing a rare treat!)
If the
Woolly Worm is successful in the cocoon, the Woolly Worm will become a Tiger Moth.




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